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Williamson, Jack  With Folded Hands  
Willis, Connie  Ado  
Wolfe, Gene  Continuing Westward  
Wolfe, Gene  To The Dark Tower Came  
Wolfe, Gene  Many Mansions  
Wolfe, Gene  The Rubber Bend  
Wolfe, Gene  Silhouette  
Wylde, Thomas  The Nanny  
Wylie, Dirk  Highwayman of the Void  
Yasgur, Batya Swift  Me and Mr. Harry  
Yorke, Margaret  A Little Dose of Friendship  
Zebrowski, George  Heathen God  
Zelazny, Roger  Collector's Fever  
Zelazny, Roger  Corrida  
Zelazny, Roger  The Courts of Chaos  
Zelazny, Roger  Devil Car  
Zelazny, Roger  Divine Madness  
Zelazny, Roger  The Doors of His Face, The Lamps of his Mouth  
Zelazny, Roger  The Great Slow Kings  
Zelazny, Roger  The Guns of Avalon  
Zelazny, Roger  The Hand of Oberon  
Zelazny, Roger  The Keys to December  
Zelazny, Roger  Love Is an Imaginary Number  
Zelazny, Roger  Lucifer  
Zelazny, Roger  The Man Who Loved the Faioli  
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