Directions to Mike's

For now these directions should be considered Beta versions. I just threw them together for something that people can use while I was getting settled, and have done some minor tweaking. But, I can't test their usefulness myself, since I already know the routes, so I need people who are trying to follow them to let me know what parts need clarification...

So far these are mostly "from the Boston area". From most of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut, you can use route 2 or I-80/I-91 to pick up any of the Boston directions part way through. If you are coming from New York either come via Connecticut or Massachusetts, or come through Bennington, VT. From other places you should use a map and these directions to figure something out yourself. Or you can ask me about adding the ones you need.

From Boston


I've started writing directions from various places around Vermont. From south western Vermont, follow the Bennington directions. From elsewhere in Vermont, you'll need to find your way to the junction of Vermont routes 9 and 100 just east of Wilmington, then follow the end of these directions from there.