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This is a personal site for me, replacing my antique version much of which dates from the earliest days of the WWW, but is still there. I first started setting up this site as a place for an index of my library online, and mostly I've just worked on that, but it's still only partial. You can now see some of my photo collection here. And I'm starting to write something about my computer collection.

I've started moving some of the stuff from the old site, and you can see that in the sections about me and Web Pointers. But, many of those pages still contain outdated pointers that I'm working on fixing.

As with any good web site, this one is constantly undergoing improvements, both as I add new stuff and as I review all the info I put on my original site and incorporate it here. You can check out the navigation links (and you can choose how they get presented to you below) to see what there is here, and check back often to see updates. There is also a section about the history of the site.

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And finally, a random note:
If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the precipitate.