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I ran the Deerfield Valley Games Night, which happened at the Town of Whitingham's Municipal Center in Jacksonville, Vermont (directions) from 6:00pm to 9:00pm on the second Thursday of every month.

The next one would have been May 9.

We play a large variety of tabletop games. Many people bring games and we play whatever those present are interested in. If there are lots of people we can play multiple games at the same time. The regulars already know all the games that the other regulars bring and have fun playing them again. But, we always like some variety so encourage people to bring new games.

If you have any questions about the Games Night, you can contact me.

Free, Fun, Everyone Welcome, Handicap Accessible

No coordination is needed, you can just show up. You can show up at any time, new games start all evening. Kids are welcome with adult supervision. Bring your own games or just show up and join a game. The games available usually cater to a wide range of gaming styles from various strategy games to games that are just silliness. We have a few of the classic board games that you may already know as well as many newer games that you can easily learn.

Given the time of the Games Night, you can feel free to bring a dinner to eat there. We have even found some games that are easy to play while the players eat. If you don't want to cook, the nearby Jacksonville General Store in the center of Jacksonville has some really nice options and there are several places in nearby Wilmington that do takeout. Personally, I usually buy a sandwich and something to drink at the store and show up a little early to eat...I usually have the doors open by 5:45, sometimes earlier.

Also, feel free to bring snacks to share. Usually at least one person does, so there will usually be something to nibble on if you get the munchies while you're playing.

The building where we hold Games Night is handicap accessible. Enter through the rear door (by the library) for the ramp. If you need any assistance, we'd be glad to help. You'll need to get our attention, but we're usually in the front room, so the best idea might be to stop out front and honk until someone comes out. It also might be a good idea to let me know beforehand to work out any needed details.

The Games We Play

Some of the games that have been played:

Plus, I have a separate page with a list of games I usually bring.


I have an address list that I send reminders to shortly before each game night. It's a private list (only I have access to it), so you won't get more than one message a month, unless I need to send a last minute update (e.g. cancelled due to snow), in which case you'll get a second one. To get added to the list to receive these reminders contact me or just give me your address when you show up at a Games Night.

If you want to help promote the Deerfield Valley Games Night, there's a full page poster you can print and post. There's also a half page small version with two posters on one page.

I also know about other games nights in the area and am looking into more.

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