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Yes, I live in Vermont. I live here by choice.


I like the wilderness, I've got ten acres of woods, adjoining hundreds of undeveloped acres. I moved here from the Boston area where I lived for a couple of decades, through college and working at companies in the area. But after I became a consultant, I realized that I could work anywhere I could get a phone and a network connection, and if I lived in Vermont I wouldn't have to take a whole day off to go get a couple of hours in the woods.


I live in far southern Vermont. In fact the closest (by driving time) major airport is in Connecticut, I cross Massachusetts to get there whenever I fly. Here are the approximate driving times from my house to various places you may (or may not) know:

Hours Place 
Half  Brattleboro, VT
Bennington, VT
Greenfield, MA
North Adams, MA  
One  Keene, NH
Rutland, VT
Springfield, VT
Springfield, MA
Pittsfield, MA
Troy, NY
Albany, NY  
Two  Boston, MA
Hartford, VT
Hartford, CT  
Three  New York, NY  

And Burlington (the biggest city in VT) is over 3 hours drive. I find it interesting when people occasionally contact me with "I'm going to be in Vermont on a trip, can I stop by and visit?" If that's the extent of it, they are almost always going to be in Burlington (about half the state lives in that area). In some cases that's further from my house than where they started (Boston), but in any case 3 hours each way isn't just stopping in...

In fact, there are parts of Vermont that are 4 hours away. In four hours of driving I can get to any part of New Hampshire, Rhode Island or Connecticut and all of Massachusetts but the very tip of Cape Cod. Most of eastern New York State is also within this range. I could even be to most of New Jersey or Maine; even parts of Canada (if customs doesn't take too long...)

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