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These pages allow you to browse listings of what's in my home library, or at least the part I've cataloged. I have started to enter the data on my collection into an online database, but still have a ways to go. All data on these pages is pulled live from the catalog DB. The DB is not complete, but any info here should be accurate for what's already entered.

The only exception to that is that when a book was a collection of items, I didn't initially distinguish whether things were really a fictional story or some kind of commentary or recollection (which I would now class as an article). That means that some things that show up in the database as stories may actually not be fiction.

The library info pages are divided into separate sections for print media and video media. There are also some pages here at the top level for overall information not restricted to print or video.

You can see some general statistics on the overall cataloging so far. There are also stats pages in each of the library's sections. The current catalog has info for 346 books and 34 videos.

There is also a page where you can do a lookup for arbitrary items in the DB.

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And finally, a random note:
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