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Many years ago, when the web was new and there weren't good search engines, I started collecting pointers to places I wanted to be able to find again. Eventually, rather than a flat text file on my workstation, I put them on web pages accessible through my MIT account. As I came across additional things of interest to me, I would add them. Then, I moved on from MIT and with good search engines I could usually find places when I wanted them rather than have to keep track, so the files at MIT stopped being updated. But, they were still there and occasionally people would find them and send me updates. Since I had started this web site for other reasons, it seemed reasonable to move the MIT pages over and get them updated. So, here they are...but they are still getting less maintenance.


These pages list various pointers I found useful, interesting or amusing. These were chosen because they're of personal interest to me, not because of any intrinsic value, the usefulness to others may be limited. There's also my Home Page (which I don't usually use) and a Bio Page.

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