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There are a lot of fun things (of various types) on the net. I used to have a long catalog of things I found funny. But, since most of them were someone's personal site of their own humor, most have disappeared. This page has a few that still remain.

Web comics

There are a lot of comics on the web, including some of those published in local papers. If you're interested in a particular comic, I suggest you try a search engine. These are ones that I find funny (mostly because they poke fun at aspects of the high tech world, that I have to live in and they help me endure it).

Random Silliness

This section is a list of various fun or silly things I've come across. My page of Internet Souvenirs might also be interesting.

Th...Th..That's all

And that's all the ones that have survived at the URLs I had. Someday I may take the original version of this page and see if any have moved elsewhere...

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And finally, a random note:
When I die I want to go peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather and not kicking and screaming like the passengers in his car.