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Here's a short rant I wrote to a web site that wanted an endorsement. Eventually I'll expand this page and explain it all better. Then I can just send pointers to this...

Your site's implicit assumption that a geopolitical unit maps to "local" is not very good. I live at one end of a long narrow state. Nearly all of the state's population lives over an hours drive from here. But there are several large cities with more population, but in another state, that are LESS than an hours drive. But, each of those states has yet larger cities even further away. That means that on a site like yours that classifies by geopolitical divisions, I have to search in at least four different places to find something "local" and nearly all listings in all of those areas will be too far away. That makes any site organized this way extremely unlikely to produce useful results for me, and require a lot more work. Therefore I am unlikely to use such a site unless it has a really well enunciated benefit to me.

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