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This form should let you select appropriate directions.

WARNING: The system for these automatically generated directions has gotten a bit more complicated that I had expected (and I keep getting ideas for more features). I haven't checked all possible combinations to see that the directions make sense, but I now have a script that verifies that at least the HTML is correct...

There are explain links for each of the options. These explanations, along with some general comments, are all on one page which you can read first for a fuller understanding. If you've already started selecting options, you may want to use the option in your browser to see the link in a new window (or tab) if your browser loses the form data when you go to another page.

For now these directions should be considered Beta versions. I first threw them together for something that people can use while I was getting settled, and, over the years, have done some minor tweaking and adding of options. But, I can't test their usefulness myself, since I already know the routes, so I need people who are trying to follow them to let me know what parts need clarification...

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Where are you coming from? [explain this]

Road types? [explain this]

Static pages

Before I set up the form, I was writing complete new directions for each new origin. These ended up having a lot of the same text and as I needed to fix things it was a hassle finding all the places it occurred. I still have those old directions just in case the form screws up completely. But, be warned, I am no longer maintaining or extending them. That means the form has a lot of variants that don't exist in the older pages, and if problems are noticed, they may not get fixed in those pages.

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