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I have a number of characteristics that are somewhat unusual. The term I've decided to use as a short designation is that I am "odd". I considered several other words that I personally like better (see below ), but that some people endow with meanings that I do not want. The term "odd" doesn't have any that I know of. It could also mean that I'm not divisible by two, but I don't think many people will be confused by that (and the ones that even [pun intended] think of it without being prompted are probably my kind of people).

In fact the preceding paragraph is self-illustrating. It shows my penchant for exact turn of phrase, including a tendancy to use more obscure words to get a specific meaning (even if some readers might have to consult a dictionary to understand). It has a complete non-sequitur diversion. It includes a pun (which in that case I noted, although I don't always). It includes several parenthetical asides, which may, or may not, contribute.

This oddity exists both in intrinsic things I don't consciously control (i.e. how my body works), and also in the choices I make. I am very proud of my individuality, and that is why I often make the odd choice when there is no reason to do otherwise. I often say that in both cases, if there is something that can be measured and plotted in a bell curve, I will be out at one extreme or the other. I like to spend my life out beyond 3σ. This isn't always the case, but when it isn't, that may in itself be odd.

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And finally, a random note:
There are two types of people in this world, and one of them can extrapolate from incomplete data.