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My last name ("Patton") is somewhat common. This page is here to show all the occurances I know of.


Here are some searches (these all use google, if you really want a different search engine, try letting me know and I'll consider an option for that):

First a simple search for the name. That finds (for me, right now, YMMV) a lot of references to the famous WW-II General with that name. I do not know if he's a relative. If you're interested in him, that's OK.

But let's try a search excluding him. That still found pictures of Iron Guts, but lots of other pages, including an electronics company and several municipalities. See below for that list. So this search might be a good start if you're trying to find some other Patton.

So the following sections list the Pattons I've found with these searches, in no special order. The interesting feature (as of searches in early 2014) is that I don't see lots of hits for the pop singer with the same name as me (even the same middle initial, although the middle name is different), I used to get a bunch of matches that were about him. When I made up this page, I had to do a special search to get the link for him below.


Other People


Commercial enterprises


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And finally, a random note:
I live in my own world. But, it's OK, they know me here.