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This table is a list of games I usually bring with me. Currently this isn't generated from the data so there may be oversights.

Game name # players Age Time Notes 
Carcassone[+]  2-6  10y  30min  Base game plus Inns and Cathedrals expansion  
Chronology  2-8  12y  est 1hour  Knowing history helps but only general stuff (like knowing that Thomas Edison developed the electric light after James Watt developed the steam engine) and only a little and there are cases where it hurts  
Clue  2-6  8y    The classic Clue  
Cribbage  2    est 30min  Classic Cribbage, I have 2 boards and several usable decks (there are variations for 3 or 4 players, but I've never liked them so don't remember)  
Doodle Dice  2-6  6y    Language independant (and even has language learning, if you want)  
Firefly  2-4  13y  2hours  Very rules heavy, but most of the thirteen card decks work in similar ways  
[Eco]Flux  2-6  8y  10-40min  I have had games that missed the time estimate by more than a factor of 3, in both directions  
Forbidden Dessert  2-5  10y  45min   
Guillotine  2-5 +  12y  30min  Could actually have another player or two without too much badness  
Pandemic  2-4  10y  45min   
Quiddler  2-8  8y  90min   
Qwirkle[*]  2-4  6y    With modification for my color-blindness  
Road Hog  2-5  12y  45min   
Set  Any number  6y    Limit on number of players is how many can stand around the table with a good view of the board  
Yikerz!  2-4    est 2-5min  Dexterity game, usually very fast, more than 4 players can work but is awkward  

In the above table the columns for number of players, Age, and time are from the box, if it had that info, except when time is given with "est" then the box doesn't say and it's my personal estimate, but I've never measured it.

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