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The Deerfield Valley Games Night happens at the Town of Whitingham's Municipal Center at 2948 VT Route 100 in Jacksonville, Vermont. Jacksonville is located at the junction of Route 112 (where it ends) and Route 100.

To get there from most areas take Vermont Route 9 to the junction with Vermont 100 South (just east of Wilmington) and go south on 100 for about five and a half miles until you start to enter the village of Jacksonville. The Municipal Center is on the right with a short bridge over a stream, it's across 100 from the Post Office and Briggs Automotive.

From the south you can follow Route 112 (or Route 8A, which joins 112 just south of the village) into the village of Jacksonville, where it joins Route 100. Or you can just follow Route 100 North into Jacksonville. Shortly after the junction with Route 112, Route 100 turns a sharp left around the General Store. After that there are a few houses on the left and then Municipal Center with a short bridge over a stream, it's across 100 from the Post Office and Briggs Automotive.

There is plenty of parking around the building. You can enter either up the front steps, or via the handicap accessible ramp on the side by the library. The meeting room is near the front entrance (on the right, if you entered from the front, on the left if you come in the other way).

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