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By volume (actually shelf feet, which is easier to see) the largest part (and the best cataloged part) is the print media. I was a long time member of the Science Fiction Book Club and have 249 books from them, along with books purchased new at a number of bookstores or used ones bought at library sell offs or at a really good used book store in Brattleboro.

I presently have 346 books cataloged. These are mostly Science Fiction (317 of them), but I do have some others, see stats page for details. 53 are cataloged as collections with 516 stories cataloged and 9 other items (Introductions, etc.) listed (not all collections have the stories listed, yet). There is one periodical with a total of 5 issues (but almost no cataloging of periodicals has been done, yet.) with 58 stories and 8 other items (Introductions, etc.) listed. That's a total of 578 stories and 17 others.

And, if you are wondering why the count of stories doesn't quite add up, there are four "sub-stories" in the total count (see the "story" Four Stories, which is counted as one story in a book, but actually as five story items).

There are around 310 people (authors, editors, etc.) recorded for 937 items. There are also records for 69 book publishers (although some are undoubtedly duplicates due to changes in punctuation).

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