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Well maybe not all universes, just the ones I've decided to notate in my collection. For each universe I have a short name and a more descriptive text. The table also shows the total count of items that I've marked as set in that universe. You can click on the name in the table below to see the list of those items. Note that I haven't marked everything that belongs in each universe.

Universe Name Count Description  
B5  88Babylon 5     
Star Trek  11Stories and videos that take place in the universe of the original Star Trek TV show. Some of these may contradict one another.     
Doc Savage  8Doc Savage stories     
Myth  8The pun-intensive "Myth Adventures" series     
Asimov (Foundation)  7Isaac Asimov's series of stories about The Foundation of Hari Seldon.     
Star Wars  7Stories and videos that take place in the universe of the original Star Wars movies. Some of these may contradict one another.     
Xanth  7Pun-intensive exploration of the magic land of Xanth     
Asimov (Robot)  5Isaac Asimov's robot stories.     
Darcy  5Lord Darcy is a criminal investigator in an alternate universe with magic, rather than technology, as the major science.     
Known Space  5Larry Niven's series related to space exploration     
Riverworld  5Philip Jose` Farmer's collection of stories that take place on the Riverworld     
Clancy (Jack Ryan)  4Tom Clancy's stories that started with "The Hunt for Red October" and follows the hero Jack Ryan     
HHGG  4Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy stories     
Asimov (Galactic Empire)  3Isaac Asimov's series about the Galactic Empire.     
Heechee  3Series about Gateway and the discovery of the Heechee and subsequent developments     
Titan  3Trilogy(?) by John Varley     
Stainless Steel Rat  3The adventures of the Stainless Steel Rat     
Polesotechnic League  2Poul Anderson's future history series.     
The State  2Series of stories by Larry Niven based on a powerful State in charge. Some of the stories are very peripheral to that, in that they take place on a far flung space exploration mission.     
Barsoom  1John Carter of Mars stories     

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