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...or at least the part that's been entered into the database so far.

This is a long page (that used to be even longer, but it will grow again) divided into sections. Here are links to go directly to each section:

The statistics on this page are for all the items in the database.

Total counts by item type

Physical items

The table below lists the actual counts of each type of item in the database and the explanation of what that type is. Some entries represent a physical object (e.g. a book), and some are a logical subpart (e.g. a story in a book that is a collection of stories). The pie chart shows the fraction of each type of physical item. At the moment this is a little biased since I've done a more thorough job cataloging the books.

Type Number Description 
Story  578A fictional item in a book or magazine  
Book  346Printed material bound together, single  
Show  60A single episode of a video  
Video  34Some item containing video material  
Article  17Non-fictional item in a book or magazine  
Issue  5A single issue of a periodical  
Periodical  1A general holder for any periodically issued print media (e.g. a magazine)  


Most of my collection is Science Fiction, with a smattering of other genres. This table lists all the genres I've cataloged by the type of item and a total number of items. [Querying the DB right now, there are 11 things with no genre listed (last I checked, these were all articles, I haven't really decided, yet, how to do a genre classification for articles). These are, therefore, not counted in the table below. Thought I'd mention that, just in case you got inspired to add up numbers and see that the totals below don't match the above table. But, other than the articles everything should match up.]

One difficulty that I had when marking genres is that I set the database up to have a single genre for each item. That made it difficult when I came to, for example, Science Fiction Mysteries. I could have set up a special genre for each combination, but what I did was just mark them as the main genre (usually SF). I've been thinking about making the DB more generalized to support some items with multiple genres, but these are a small subset, and doing that is a lot of work. So, it gets put off...

Genre  Book  Periodical  Issue  Video  Story  Article  Show  Total   
Science Fiction  3170032520660935   
Mystery  0150580064   
Spy  1100000011   
Humor  1100000011   
Autobiography  30000003   
Western  00020002   
Suspense  10000001   
Reference  10000001   
Historical(Science) Fiction  10000001   
Adventure  10000001   
Book Genres non-SF Book Genres

These two pie charts show what fraction of the books are each genre (i.e. the first column of the preceding table, because that's the most interesting). The first pie chart shows the total graphically. But, the non-SF categories are hard to see in that, so there's another that just shows the non-SF Genres...

If you have any suggestions for other stats that might be interesting, feel free to contact me and suggest them. Special attention will be paid to suggestions that come with good descriptions of how to determine them (i.e. algorithmic description).

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