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These are thumbnails of all the pictures in the gallery from 2002. The thumbnails here are pretty small. If you are not already familiar with the pictures, the thumbnails can give some idea of how much is in each day's shooting and a general idea of subject matter. If you are already familiar, you might be able to select from just these thumbnails.

Clicking on a date header will show a page with just the pictures on that date, but with larger thumbnails so that you may be able to actually figure out what the pictures show.

Clicking on a thumbnail image will load a page with a larger image of just that shot. From there you can access the full 3Mpixel image. The full images are each around 700K bytes. They will take several minutes to load over even the fastest dialup.

Photos taken 2002-10-23

First snowfall of the season (very picturesque).

Photos taken 2002-10-24

A view of the distant hills of Searsburg.

Photos taken 2002-11-07

More views of the distant hills of Searsburg from inside the house.

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