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Photos taken 2002-10-23

First snowfall of the season (very picturesque).

2002-10-23/Image002.jpg 2002-10-23/Image003.jpg 2002-10-23/Image004.jpg 2002-10-23/Image005.jpg 2002-10-23/Image006.jpg 2002-10-23/Image007.jpg 2002-10-23/Image008.jpg 2002-10-23/Image009.jpg

Photos taken 2002-10-24

A view of the distant hills of Searsburg.


Photos taken 2002-11-07

More views of the distant hills of Searsburg from inside the house.

2002-11-07/Image001.jpg 2002-11-07/Image002.jpg 2002-11-07/Image003.jpg

Photos taken 2003-01-04

Second big snowfall in a week.

2003-01-04/Image004.jpg 2003-01-04/Image005.jpg 2003-01-04/Image006.jpg 2003-01-04/Image007.jpg 2003-01-04/Image008.jpg 2003-01-04/Image009.jpg 2003-01-04/Image010.jpg

Photos taken 2003-01-12

Some shots of the house after all the snow.

2003-01-12/Image001.jpg 2003-01-12/Image002.jpg

Photos taken 2003-02-08

A trek into the woods

2003-02-08/Image003.jpg 2003-02-08/Image004.jpg 2003-02-08/Image005.jpg 2003-02-08/Image006.jpg 2003-02-08/Image007.jpg 2003-02-08/Image008.jpg 2003-02-08/Image009.jpg

Photos taken 2003-02-20

Out in the snow


Photos taken 2003-02-28

Snowpaws lounging


Photos taken 2003-03-07

Snowpaws lounging about

2003-03-07/Image006.jpg 2003-03-07/Image007.jpg 2003-03-07/Image008.jpg

Photos taken 2003-03-24

I spend the day circumnavigating San Francisco on foot.

2003-03-24/Image001.jpg 2003-03-24/Image002.jpg 2003-03-24/Image003.jpg 2003-03-24/Image004.jpg 2003-03-24/Image005.jpg 2003-03-24/Image006.jpg 2003-03-24/Image007.jpg 2003-03-24/Image008.jpg 2003-03-24/Image009.jpg 2003-03-24/Image010.jpg 2003-03-24/Image011.jpg 2003-03-24/Image012.jpg 2003-03-24/Image013.jpg 2003-03-24/Image014.jpg 2003-03-24/Image015.jpg

Photos taken 2003-03-30

Looking out the windows during yet another snow storm

2003-03-30/Image016.jpg 2003-03-30/Image017.jpg 2003-03-30/Image018.jpg

Photos taken 2003-04-09

More winter views out the windows

2003-04-09/Image001.jpg 2003-04-09/Image002.jpg 2003-04-09/Image003.jpg 2003-04-09/Image004.jpg 2003-04-09/Image005.jpg

Photos taken 2003-04-27

Still snow left after 6 months

2003-04-27/Image001.jpg 2003-04-27/Image002.jpg 2003-04-27/Image003.jpg 2003-04-27/Image004.jpg 2003-04-27/Image005.jpg

Photos taken 2003-04-29

...and the final remnants

2003-04-29/Image006.jpg 2003-04-29/Image007.jpg

Photos taken 2003-05-16

Snowpaws checks out the stream


Photos taken 2003-05-28

Snowpaws adopts the bedspread set out to dry (cute pics of Snoop)

2003-05-28/Image009.jpg 2003-05-28/Image010.jpg 2003-05-28/Image011.jpg 2003-05-28/Image012.jpg 2003-05-28/Image013.jpg

Photos taken 2003-06-06

... and a week later she's still there

2003-06-06/Image014.jpg 2003-06-06/Image015.jpg

Photos taken 2003-06-09

Snowpaws doing her "high steel" act on the partially dismantled deck

2003-06-09/Image016.jpg 2003-06-09/Image017.jpg 2003-06-09/Image018.jpg

Photos taken 2003-06-13

...but she goes back to sleeping

2003-06-13/Image019.jpg 2003-06-13/Image020.jpg

Photos taken 2003-06-19

The old deck is off the house and the stone for the new wall has started arriving

2003-06-19/Image021.jpg 2003-06-19/Image022.jpg 2003-06-19/Image023.jpg 2003-06-19/Image024.jpg 2003-06-19/Image025.jpg 2003-06-19/Image026.jpg

Photos taken 2003-06-25

Construction of the new stonework is about half done and the drive is a mess...

2003-06-25/Image001.jpg 2003-06-25/Image002.jpg

Photos taken 2003-06-26

It's a real construction zone out there, but the wall is nearing completion

2003-06-26/Image003.jpg 2003-06-26/Image004.jpg 2003-06-26/Image005.jpg 2003-06-26/Image006.jpg 2003-06-26/Image007.jpg 2003-06-26/Image008.jpg 2003-06-26/Image009.jpg 2003-06-26/Image010.jpg

Photos taken 2003-06-27

Stonework is done, now time for me to finish up and regrade

2003-06-27/Image012.jpg 2003-06-27/Image013.jpg 2003-06-27/Image014.jpg 2003-06-27/Image015.jpg 2003-06-27/Image016.jpg 2003-06-27/Image017.jpg 2003-06-27/Image018.jpg 2003-06-27/Image019.jpg 2003-06-27/Image020.jpg 2003-06-27/Image021.jpg 2003-06-27/Image022.jpg

Photos taken 2003-07-04

Bristol 4th of July parade and family gathering after.

2003-07-04/Image001.jpg 2003-07-04/Image002.jpg 2003-07-04/Image003.jpg 2003-07-04/Image004.jpg 2003-07-04/Image005.jpg 2003-07-04/Image006.jpg 2003-07-04/Image007.jpg 2003-07-04/Image008.jpg 2003-07-04/Image010.jpg 2003-07-04/Image011.jpg 2003-07-04/Image012.jpg 2003-07-04/Image013.jpg 2003-07-04/Image014.jpg 2003-07-04/Image015.jpg 2003-07-04/Image016.jpg 2003-07-04/Image017.jpg 2003-07-04/Image019.jpg 2003-07-04/Image020.jpg 2003-07-04/Image021.jpg 2003-07-04/Image022.jpg 2003-07-04/Image023.jpg 2003-07-04/Image024.jpg 2003-07-04/Image025.jpg 2003-07-04/Image026.jpg 2003-07-04/Image027.jpg 2003-07-04/Image028.jpg 2003-07-04/Image029.jpg 2003-07-04/Image030.jpg 2003-07-04/Image031.jpg 2003-07-04/Image032.jpg 2003-07-04/Image033.jpg 2003-07-04/Image034.jpg 2003-07-04/Image035.jpg 2003-07-04/Image036.jpg 2003-07-04/Image037.jpg 2003-07-04/Image038.jpg 2003-07-04/Image039.jpg 2003-07-04/Image040.jpg 2003-07-04/Image041.jpg 2003-07-04/Image042.jpg 2003-07-04/Image043.jpg 2003-07-04/Image044.jpg 2003-07-04/Image045.jpg 2003-07-04/Image046.jpg 2003-07-04/Image047.jpg 2003-07-04/Image049.jpg 2003-07-04/Image050.jpg 2003-07-04/Image051.jpg 2003-07-04/Image052.jpg 2003-07-04/Image053.jpg 2003-07-04/Image054.jpg 2003-07-04/Image055.jpg 2003-07-04/Image056.jpg 2003-07-04/Image057.jpg 2003-07-04/Image058.jpg 2003-07-04/Image059.jpg 2003-07-04/Image060.jpg 2003-07-04/Image061.jpg 2003-07-04/Image062.jpg 2003-07-04/Image063.jpg 2003-07-04/Image064.jpg 2003-07-04/Image065.jpg 2003-07-04/Image066.jpg 2003-07-04/Image067.jpg 2003-07-04/Image068.jpg 2003-07-04/Image069.jpg 2003-07-04/Image071.jpg 2003-07-04/Image072.jpg 2003-07-04/Image073.jpg 2003-07-04/Image074.jpg 2003-07-04/Image075.jpg 2003-07-04/Image076.jpg 2003-07-04/Image077.jpg

Photos taken 2003-10-03

My parents' 50th wedding anniversary

2003-10-03/Image001.jpg 2003-10-03/Image002.jpg 2003-10-03/Image003.jpg 2003-10-03/Image004.jpg 2003-10-03/Image005.jpg 2003-10-03/Image006.jpg 2003-10-03/Image007.jpg 2003-10-03/Image008.jpg 2003-10-03/Image009.jpg 2003-10-03/Image010.jpg 2003-10-03/Image011.jpg 2003-10-03/Image012.jpg

Photos taken 2003-10-09

The world turns technicolor

2003-10-09/Image013.jpg 2003-10-09/Image014.jpg 2003-10-09/Image015.jpg 2003-10-09/Image016.jpg 2003-10-09/Image017.jpg 2003-10-09/Image018.jpg 2003-10-09/Image019.jpg

Photos taken 2003-10-26

On a walk in the woods Karin and Joshua pose in front of the cliffs

2003-10-26/Image020.jpg 2003-10-26/Image021.jpg 2003-10-26/Image022.jpg
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