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, Freff (Illustrator)   Titan (Book)     
Abernathy, Robert (Author)   Heirs Apparent (Story)     
Adams, Douglas (Author)   Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (Book)     
Adams, Douglas (Author)   The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Book)     
Adams, Douglas (Author)   Life, The Universe and Everything (Book)     
Adams, Douglas (Author)   The Long Dark Tea-Time Of The Soul (Book)     
Adams, Douglas (Author)   The Restaurant at the end of the Universe (Book)     
Adams, Douglas (Author)   So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish (Book)     
Aldiss, Brian (Editor)   Galactic Empires Volume I (Book)     
Aldiss, Brian (Editor)   Galactic Empires Volume II (Book)     
Aldiss, Brian W. (Author)   Castle Scene with Penitents (Story)     
Aldiss, Brian W. (Author)   The Ergot Show (Story)     
Aldiss, Brian W. (Author)   Four Stories (Story)     
Aldiss, Brian W. (Author)   Serpent Burning on an Altar (Story)     
Aldiss, Brian W. (Author)   Woman in Sunlight with Mandoline (Story)     
Aldiss, Brian W. (Author)   The Young Soldier's Horoscope (Story)     
Allyn, Doug (Author)   The Bearded Lady (Story)     
Allyn, Doug (Author)   Black Water (Story)     
Allyn, Doug (Author)   The Cross-Wolf (Story)     
Allyn, Doug (Author)   Wrecker (Story)     
Anderson, Poul (Author)   The Avatar (Book)     
Anderson, Poul (Author)   Call Me Joe (Story)     
Anderson, Poul (Author)   A Chapter of Revelation (Story)     
Anderson, Poul (Author)   The Earth Book of Stormgate (Book)     
Anderson, Poul (Author)   Goat Song (Story)     
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