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, Freff (Illustrator)  Titan  
Adams, Douglas (Author)  Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency  
Adams, Douglas (Author)  The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy  
Adams, Douglas (Author)  Life, The Universe and Everything  
Adams, Douglas (Author)  The Long Dark Tea-Time Of The Soul  
Adams, Douglas (Author)  The Restaurant at the end of the Universe  
Adams, Douglas (Author)  So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish  
Aldiss, Brian (Editor)  Galactic Empires Volume I  
Aldiss, Brian (Editor)  Galactic Empires Volume II  
Anderson, Poul (Author)  The Avatar  
Anderson, Poul (Author)  The Earth Book of Stormgate  
Anderson, Poul (Author)  A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows  
Anderson, Poul (Author)  Mirkheim  
Anderson, Poul (Author)  Tau Zero  
Anthony, Piers (Author)  Centaur Aisle  
Anthony, Piers (Author)  Crewel Lye  
Anthony, Piers (Author)  Double Exposure  
Anthony, Piers (Author)  Dragon on a Pedestal  
Anthony, Piers (Author)  Golem in the Gears  
Anthony, Piers (Author)  The Magic of Xanth  
Anthony, Piers (Author)  Night Mare  
Anthony, Piers (Author)  Ogre, Ogre  
Anthony, Piers (Author)  Orn  
Anthony, Piers (Author)  Ox  
Ashley, Paul (Author)  A Shortcut Through Adventureland  
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