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Abernathy, Robert  Heirs Apparent  
Aldiss, Brian W.  Castle Scene with Penitents  
Aldiss, Brian W.  The Ergot Show  
Aldiss, Brian W.  Four Stories  
Aldiss, Brian W.  Serpent Burning on an Altar  
Aldiss, Brian W.  Woman in Sunlight with Mandoline  
Aldiss, Brian W.  The Young Soldier's Horoscope  
Allyn, Doug  The Bearded Lady  
Allyn, Doug  Black Water  
Allyn, Doug  The Cross-Wolf  
Allyn, Doug  Wrecker  
Anderson, Poul  Call Me Joe  
Anderson, Poul  A Chapter of Revelation  
Anderson, Poul  Goat Song  
Anderson, Poul  I Tell You, It's True  
Anderson, Poul  The Last of the Deliverers  
Anderson, Poul  The Long Remembering  
Anderson, Poul  The Queen of Air and Darkness  
Anthony, Piers  Castle Roogna  
Anthony, Piers  The Source of Magic  
Anthony, Piers  A Spell for Chameleon  
Arkin, Alan  People Soup  
Arnason, Eleanor  Going Down  
Asimov, Isaac  2430 A. D.  
Asimov, Isaac  Blank!  
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